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My media highlights – July 2022

Jul 31, 2022

Below is the top-line summary of my media coverage for July 2022.

I was quoted in The Telegraph – 31st July – on how the Treasury has too much influence on the Bank of England and how the Bank lacks diversity of thought.

I wrote an op-ed for The Express – 30th July – on why Liz Truss’ economic vision is the one the country needs.

I was quoted in The Telegraph – 27th July – on how the Treasury’s view is that we’re a slow growth economy, and in a slow growth economy the budget deficit has a bigger structural element to it – and that has to be addressed by spending squeezes or tax increases.

I wrote my fortnightly Conservative Home column – 26th July – on how the Conservative leadership candidates need to talk less about tax and much more about growth.

I was quoted in The Daily Mail – 26th July – regarding the need for tax cuts.

I was quoted in The Telegraph25th July – on how fiscal rules are nonsense. The only fiscal aim should be to reduce debt to GDP steadily over time.

I signed a letter, along with six other economists, in The Telegraph25th July – on how timely, targeted and fully affordable tax cuts are necessary.

I spoke to TalkTV24th July – on how the Bank of England needs to raise interest rates and reverse QE.

I spoke to Times Radio – 24th July – on the UK economic outlook.

I wrote in The Daily Mail23rd July – how tax cuts are not inherently inflationary.

I was quoted in The Telegraph – 22nd July – on how tax tax cuts combined with other reforms are always key to making a serious difference to the economic outlook.

I spoke to GB News22nd July – on how there is scope for more government spending.

I was quoted in The Guardian 22nd July – on why targeted tax cuts are not inflationary. And how if the economy was facing inflation triggered by over-heating due to surging domestic demand then it might be legit to say that fiscal policy should be tight. But that isn’t what is happening.

My daughter, the comedian Elf Lyons, and I were mentioned in The Times Diary – 21st July.

I was on BBC Radio 4’s The World at One – 21st July – discussing why targeted and timely tax cuts aren’t inflationary. We face twin problems of high inflation and weakening domestic demand. We need tighter mon policy to address inflation and a looser fiscal cuts to address weakening demand.

I was on GB News – 11th July – discussing fiscal policy and tax cuts.

I was quoted in The Sunday Times10th July – about how interest rates and tax cuts are not opposite ends of the same seesaw.

I was quoted in Bloomberg09th July – on why there needs to be a sea change in UK economic thinking.

I was quoted extensively in FT Adviser08th July – on the global economy and whether it is headed for a recession.

I was quoted in The Guardian – 08th July – on how we need an analysis of our economic failings that can challenging HMT orthodoxy without undermining sound money.