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Gerard is one of the UK’s most celebrated economists, possessing expertise across a wealth of areas. He is at the forefront of the major global economic and financial issues of the day, while also on top of the latest public policy debates in both the UK and across Asia.

With excellent connections and over thirty years of experience, he is able to convey the most complex issues in an accessible way.

Take a look at his career timeline below.

Current roles & some examples of his expertise

Currently Gerard holds a portfolio of roles, including:

  • Chief Economic Strategist and shareholder at Netwealth, the award winning challenger wealth manager
  • Board Member – Bank of China (UK)
  • Board Member – BGC Brokers, the world’s largest inter-deal brokers
  • Senior Fellow – Policy Exchange, the influential centre-right UK think-tank
  • Advisory Board – Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School Economics and Imperial College London
  • Advisory Board – Warick Business School
  • Advisory Council – Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
  • Member – The UK’s Economy Honours Committee

Gerard has spent over 30 years in senior roles in the City. From 1999-2012, he was Chief Economist, Global Head of Research and Advisor to the Board at Standard Chartered Bank. He ran a global team of 184 people and was a member of the Bank’s senior management team, sitting on its Wholesale Markets Management team, Risk Management committee and Executive Forum. In 2010 and 2011, Bloomberg ranked his team as the most accurate economic forecasters globally. In both 2010 and 2011, Bloomberg ranked his team as the most accurate economic forecasters globally.  Before this, in 2008, a month before Lehman Brothers collapsed, Gerard was one of just two UK economists predicting a deep imminent recession. On leaving Standard Chartered The Times ran a piece entitled: “Where next for the economist who called the global downturn?”

Before this, from 1989-1999, Gerard was Chief Economist and Executive Director at Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank International, then the world’s biggest bank. While there, he predicted Japan’s lost economic decades and had a regular column in the Nikkei. Prior to this, he was Chief UK Economist at Swiss Bank Corporation before beginning his career with Chase Manhattan.

Gerard has made many high-profile and non-consensus accurate economic predictions. In addition to predicting Japan’s lost decades, a deep imminent recession in 2008,  he also predicted that the Lawson Boom would end in a bust, argued for the economic benefits of leaving the European Rate Mechanism and, to quote The Guardian, “predicted trouble for the Euro way back in 1999.”

Alongside his excellent forecasting record, Gerard’s analysis of the UK and global economy – particularly emerging markets –  has regularly been sought by policymakers, including politicians and central bankers both at home and abroad. He has spoken in 82 countries, testified to committees of the US Congress and Senate, to committees in both the UK’s House of Commons and Lords and his paper ‘Banking the Unbanked’ was presented at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Conference in 2005.

As well as his City career, Gerard has played an important role in public policy. In 2008, he was the Lead Advisor on the Business Council for Britain set up by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Between 2008-2016, he was a member of the International Council of The Bretton Woods Committee. Between 2009-2014, he sat on several Councils and was on the Expert Committee of the World Economic Forum. In 2011, he was an inaugural member of the EU Commission’s Network of China Experts.  From 2012-2016, he was Boris Johnson’s Chief Economic Advisor when he was Mayor of London. In the latter role, he championed London globally and was a key driver of the London Living Wage. During this time, he also wrote his first book ‘The Consolations of Economics’ published by Faber & Faber. It was one of The Telegraph’s ‘Books of the Year’.

And in 2019, he was a candidiate to be Governor of the Bank of England.

Gerard is also widely recognised as an impressive public speaker. He has spoken on panels at the International Monetary Fund, Institute of International Finance, World Economic Forum, Asian Development Bank among other international fora. In 2005, he spoke in Beijing’s Great Hall of People at the EU-China Summit. At the height of the financial crisis, he was asked by the Institute of International Finance to represent the financial sector in ‘The World Debate’ at the 2010 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, which was televised live globally by the BBC. Meanwhile, in 2018 he gave a keynote speech at the inaugural Shanghai Import-Export. These are just some of Gerard’s many high-profile speaking engagements.

His contribution to economics has been recognised by his peers. In 2010. he was elected by the economic members to serve a five-year term on the Council of the Royal Economic Society and he also joined the strategy group. Additionally, in 2011 he was made a Fellow of the Society of Professional Economists.

Gerard and his daughter, the comedian Elf Lyons, have also just started the second series of their economics podcast – Elfonomics.

Career timeline


Podcast: Elfonomics
Since August 2022

BGC Europe
Non-Executive Director
Since March 2021
Policy Exchange
Senior Fellow
Since March 2020
Chief Economic Strategist and Shareholder
Since May 2016

“One of Britain’s top economists” – CityAM (2022)

“Not many wealth management firms can boast a chief economic strategist with the CV and public profile of Gerard Lyons” – CityAM (2016)

“Gerard Lyons among City titans behind new ‘robot’ advisor to the rich” – The Telegraph (2016)

Bank of China
Independent Non-Executive Director
Since 2016
University of Warwick Business School
Advisory Board
Since 2014
Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
Advisory Council
Since 2012
The Society of Professional Economists
Since 2011
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Advisory Board
Since 2008
Centre for Social  Justice
Economic Advisor
Clean Brexit, Biteback Publishing


One of The Economists ‘Best books on Brexit’

“A truly global vision” – The Economist

“The best, well-argued case for Brexit…A persuasive read” – The Times

Policy Exchange
Chief Economic Adviser
Vivid Economics
Advisory Board

Acquired by McKinsey.

Parker Fitzgerald

Acquired by Accenture.

Queen Mary, University of London, School of Economics  
Member of the Advisory Board
Board Member
London Stansted Cambridge Commission
The Royal Society for Asian Affairs
Member of the Council
ANA International Airways
International Advisory Board Member
The Consolations of Economics, Faber & Faber

One of The Telegraph’s Books of the Year.

Translated into Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and German.

Serialised in The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph.

Chief Economic Adviser to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

“StanChart star signing is a bargain for Boris…in 2010 and 2011 Bloomberg rated him Numero Uno of the 360 economists marked worldwide” – Evening Standard (2012)

“A City banker who predicted the financial crash was today appointed as Boris Johnson’s chief economic advisor” – Evening Standard (2012)

“He’s plainly an extremely able and well-connected man. His precise duties in his new role will, hopefully, become more defined in time. His usefulness to the final-term Boris Johnson in making City Hall a platform for his larger ambitions already looks pretty clear” – The Guardian (2012)

“Lyons predicted trouble for the Euro way back in 1999” – The Guardian (2012)

“Boris Johnson has appointed leading City economist Gerard Lyons as his chief economic adviser” – The Guardian (2012)

“(Johnson) has appointed Gerard Lyons, former chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank, as his chief economic adviser. Mr Lyons, a well-known and respected City figure who predicted problems of the eurozone as far back as 1999” – The Independent (2013)

“Boris Johnson has attracted some very good advisors, such as Standard Chartered chief economist Gerard Lyons” – Evening Standard (2013)

“Boris relies on the widely respected economic forecaster – who predicted an imminent deep UK recession before the collapse of Lehman Brothers” – Evening Standard (2013)

“Boris Johnson hires top City economist Gerard Lyons” – The Telegraph (2012)

Chatham House Task Force on Gold and the International Monetary System
Europe Union Commission’s Network of China Experts
Inaugural member
Open Europe
Advisory Board
Royal Economic Society
Council Member and Member of the Strategy Group
World Economic Forum
Member of Councils

Global Agenda Councils on Financing & Capital (2013-14)

Banking and Capital Markets (2011-12)

Global Investment Flows (2009-10)

Sat on the Expert Committee of the WEF’s annual Financial Development Report for several years.

The Bretton Woods Committee
Member of the International Council
Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Business Council for Britain
Lead Advisor
University of Warwick
Member of the Council
Standard Chartered
Chief Economist & Global Head of Research & Adviser to the Board

“Where next for the economist who called the global downturn?” – The Times (2012)

“Forget Reservoir Dogs – Standard Chartered economists are top dogs” – Evening Standard (2012)

“A man I respect enormously” – Martin Wolf speaking at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin (2010)

“Gerard Lyons, one of the best-known and oftquoted economists in the City, today resigned from his job at Japanese bank DKB International to join Standard Chartered” – The Daily Mail (1999)

Royal Society of Arts
1994 – 2012
Nikkei Asia
Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank
Chief Economist & Executive Director

Financial Times and The Observer’s ‘Economists’ hall of fame’ (1991)

Swiss Bank Corporation
Chief UK Economist
Chase Manhattan Bank

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