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Gerard is an established economic commentator and author. His books have been published by Faber & Faber, Biteback, and Amazon. He regularly writes op-eds in major newspapers, including the Financial Times, The Times, The Telegraph, and The Guardian. He also writes a fortnightly column for Conservative Home.

In 2014, Gerard’s first book, ‘The Consolations of Economics: How will we all benefit from the New World Order’ (Faber & Faber), explained the global economic outlook based on four global trends; demographics and the environment, hard power,  soft power, and institutional power. It was serialised in both The Times and The Sunday Telegraph and translated into Korean, Portuguese, German, and Chinese. It was also one of The Telegraph’s ‘books of the year’. 

In 2017 he co-authored with Liam Halligan ‘Clean Brexit: how to make a success of leaving the European Union’ (Biteback). The Economist described it as one of the best books on Brexit. While The Times called it “the best, well-argued case for Brexit.”

He is currently developing a book with his daughter, the comedian Elf Lyons. They have also recently launched a podcast called ‘Elfonomics?’

Gerard discusses ‘The Consolations of Economics’ with the Financial Times’ John Authers


The Consolations of Economics (Faber & Faber, 2014)

‘Gerard is a wise and thoughtful observer, and analyst of the world economy…His assessment of where the world may go is of great value. This is a very important book.’
Professor Lord Nicholas Stern

‘Gerard is one of the very few that has truly tried to understand the complex evolving world – this adds to the importance of people reading his book.’
Lord Jim O’Neill

‘Gerard has great ability to combine rigorous economics with wide-ranging knowledge of how business works and a truly global perspective.’
Lord Adair Turner

‘As an economist, Gerard has two trump cards: he allies careful and deep analysis with a first-hand understanding of how the world works. His world is view is more rounded and realistic than most others on offer.’
Sir Howard Davies

‘A jargon-free analysis of what might lie ahead, backed up by the common sense that comes from a combination of astute observation and practical experience.’
Irwin Stelzer, The Sunday Times

‘A most readable account of decades of economic policies and events, and his subtitle, How We Will All Benefit from the New World Order, is a welcome counterblast against the prevailing orthodoxy.’
William Keegan, The Observer

‘Gerard Lyons’s solid and convincingly optimistic perspective is a welcome counterpoint to the narrow concerns about both the overall decline of the West and the growing inequalities within the developed world.’
Hamish McRae, The Independent

Clean Brexit: Why leaving the EU still makes sense (Biteback, 2017)
‘A truly global vision’, and recognised as one of its best books on Brexit.
The Economist

‘Excellent. This analysis from Halligan and Lyons is thorough and lucid, the conclusion compelling.’
 Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer

‘The best, well-argued case for Brexit. A persuasive read’
– Philip Aldrick, then Economics Editor, The Times

‘Recommended reading. Halligan and Lyons are two economists I respect and whose writings I follow closely.’
-Lord David Owen, former Foreign Secretary

‘Project Hope is the way to take the country forward. Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons have provided an excellent book to help us face the challenges and considerable opportunities ahead.’
– Dame Helena Morrissey, financier and founder of the 30% Club

‘The book is well written and well structured […]if the Remain camp had set out their arguments as cogently and persuasively as Halligan and Lyons have, they might have won.’
– MoneyWeek

‘In this fraught environment, there is ample need for a book that sets out constructively and dispassionately the economic case for why Britain s EU departure may turn out to be a success. Clean Brexit Why leaving the EU still makes sense, goes a long way to meeting this requirement.’

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